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About Us

Beit Ekstein provides Housing, Employment, and Educational services for people who fall within the following populations: mental retardation, minimal brain damage, learning disabilities, autism, and Asperger Syndrome. 

Our Organization is a leader in these fields and we are pioneers in implementing the concept of inclusion in Israel.
Beit Ekstein employs more than 2000 employees and is headquartered in Binyamina, Israel.

As part of our rehabilitation philosophy, a Support Plan is tailor-made for each individual in order to improve his or her quality of life according to their own needs, level of independence, and most importantly – their wishes.  Beit Ekstein has adopted the Supports Intensity Scale and is representing AAIDD in Israel.

Beit Ekstein operates more than thirty facilities in the following areas:

Beit Ekstein Community Residential Units

Our residential units are integrated within the community inside the large cities in Israel. 
The residences house up to 20 people .  Each person receives supports according to their individualized plan.  Most of  the people work within the community.

Beit Ekstein Nursing Homes

We operate a number of nursing homes serving people with intellectual disabilities.  Beit Ekstein is executing a government decision to phase-out the nursing homes and move out as many people as possibile into the community.

Beit Ekstein Schools

Beit Ekstein manages private schools for children with special needs under the supervision of the Ministry of Education.  The schools philosophy combines both educational and therapeutic approaches.  The schools specialize in the following areas:  students with intellectual disabilities, students with mental health challenges, students with learning disabilities.

Beit Ekstein Recruitment Offices

The recruitment offices are located in main cities and serve people with special needs across Israel.  The main goal is to match the right suitable job in the free market for these individuals.  Once employed, each individual gets the right supports to cope with his or her new job.

Beit Ekstein Life Skills Centers

The centers are located in main cities.  The Life Skills Centers provides the opportunity for social
interactions both within the center and out in the community.